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Monday, March 25, 2013

String of Events

Yea yea it's been a while since I've blogged. Haven't been working on my cosplay projects or blogging anything this year thanks to work. Once I reach home, I watch Anime, read BL till its time to sleep ~_~ Hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks will be the last of my hectic days *prays*. Anyways, just summarizing what I've been up to for the last 3 months before I blog about the last event I went to :D

Beginning of the month, I attended 2 weddings @_@ 1 was Ayase's and the other was Jared's cousin.
Signs of not going gym are all showing there =/
Nice mingling with the CF-ians that day and as usual, when CF-ians gather there's SURE to be dorama and gossip lololol. Thank you, Ayase for the invite :) It was a real honor to be there for your big day.

Jared's cousin's wedding kat tempat atasan!
Jared's cousin's wedding was held at Banker's Club and boy does it look gorgeous! Felt so out of place in there @__@ and met all his relatives. Sad to say this place is out of bounds for cosplay shoots unless you can pull strings :P

CNY 2013
Every year CNY keeps getting less exciting :( Ever since my grandma passed away, the house has been quiet. It's disappointing that I only 'lou sang' TWICE for this year ;___;
Office 'lou sang' banquet style :D
Drank my first Apple Cider at the office CNY party :D and I felt so warm and fuzzy after just one bottle @_@. Was the first time I wore a wig to office since they had a theme and it was damn fun to hear all the whispering of people who were wondering who am I :P. No one could guess that it was me mwhahaha considering I'm still kinda new :P. Oh wells~

Of Alpacas and Cats
Whenever I'm free and can muster the energy, I go visit Char Siew Pao for some animal therapy
Words can't express how much I love Sire Pao ;w; LKAJHJSFLAJSHLJ!!!!! Please like her page :D

I've also recently obtained another plsuhie for my bed OTL
Meet Packie the Alpaca
Jared got him for me from Taiwan and now my bed is kinda flooded OAO. To date, I've got a pig, a seal, a large Pusheen plushie and now Packie who is larger than Pusheen occupying my bed @_@ and I have one more plushie coming in soon OTL

So yes... not much from me in the 3 months T_T which shows how busy I've been *sobs*. Look forward to my entry on Plusizekitted x OB Shu Uemura Event soon! :D

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