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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Only Beauty Blogger's Launch Party

Heyhey~! Nothing better than to celebrate the new year with a post on one of the last parties I attended :D I got so busy till I had no time to blog about it T_T I'm so sorry!!! Back in November (yes it's late >_>) I had the honor of joining OnlyBeauty's family to be part of their Beauty Blogger's Program! I was having too much fun till I forgot to take pictures @_@ *blush* so most of the pictures are from OnlyBeauty's Facebook album :D

Laughter yoga? I had the image of myself practicing the sun salutation while laughing at the same time lol
Being part of Only Beauty's Bloggers Program, of course the only way of celebrating is by PAMPERING first thing on a weekend! :D I was pretty excited since this is the first time I'll be getting a manicure and pedicure!!! *cues horrified screams* Yes yours truly is 20+ and hasn't been for any pampering other than occasional facials.

The place wasn't that hard to find fortunately. Place was beautifully decorated with balloons from PartyMooMoo. I just want to take all them helium balloons home!! *O* I love helium balloons as much as I love bubble wrap :D *gets whacked* I just wanted to take a whole bunch of them and run around like a little kid.

Clumsy camwhoring of me XD;; The dresscode was pink so I wore my strawberry dress and Sereni & Shentel hairband~ Oh yes and Pusheen resting on my chest :P

Since me and a few other girls were one of the early birds, we were set off to do our manicure/pedicures first :) 

Me having my nails done~
Being a first timer for a mani/pedi, I was deathly afraid of the sharp objects OAO

While we were enjoying being pampered, Ms Eve from Colourzwork to aid us in finding out our color personality :D. Seems that there are 9 colors incolved and there's calculations that require your birthdate to determine your color personality. She first asked us to pick a color that we think represents us best from a pack of coloured balloons. 

I took red. 
Never knew why, the color just seems to appeal to me XD;; I have quite a number of red clothes and even my first tennis racket is red. The vibrant the red is, the more I love it XD

Next we were though how to calculate using our birth date to get our life color. Mine turned out to be oraange! Close enough :P 

Orange Personality
  • Enthusiasm, fun, health, wide interests, humor, expressive
  • Creative, joyful, spontaneous, adaptable, self-respecting
  • Looks on the bright side of life
  • You love live, decide what you want and go for it

You can read more about it at Miss Eve's Colourzwork page :)

Got my nails painted in funky orange :D

After our mani/pedi session, it was time to stretch and laugh to our hearts content with Kitty, our Laughing Yoga instructor XD;; She's so jolly, one look at her and you can't help but to smile~ She thought us how to laugh while doing simple stretches. I can't help but admire how she laughs so effortlessly~ I guess it's all about practicing and keeping the mind clear :)

Laughing Yoga with Kitty

Next we had a laughing contest to see who can laugh the longest! This is just Kitty letting us warm up before the real competition begins XD;;

Winner went to Fatin! :D Her laugh was so infectious that Kitty couldn't stop laughing! XD;;
Prize was a Yoga mat :D

A celebration, can't end without cake! Here's all us 10 bloggers + Tammy cutting Wondermilk's signature Lola Rainbow Cake!

Photo session with all the bloggers. Dammit I'm the shortest of them all >_>;;
Other than Tammy calling me a Strawberry SHORTcake :P, I had a super fun time being pampered and laughing with all the girls! :D Thank you OnlyBeauty for having this programme and Tammy for bringing us together

To the people that organized such a lovely event :D
Don't forget to join as a member at OnlyBeauty and get beauty tips, product info and best of all, FREEBIES! Start contributing tips and reviews to start building the community :D I'll be starting soon as well~ :3

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