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Sunday, March 31, 2013

ManiPedi @ The Nail Bar, A Girls Day Out

Wheeeee weekend is here and first thing I did on a Saturday was to hit the gym then joined my bestie, Audrey out for a pampering session at The Nail Bar, Pavilion. Few months ago, we purchased a Groupon voucher for a classic manipedi + hand and leg massage. The place is located on the 6th floor INSIDE Miko Hair Saloon. We had to call the person to find out where it was since this wasn't mentioned lol

The salon at a glance.

The Nail Bar takes up a very tiny section of the hair salon. Right at the entrance, you can see their wide range of nail polish colors available which also serves as a wall of privacy at the same time :P

The area is able to fit up to 4 customers only
I was shocked to see how small the place was @_@, only being able to tend to 4 customers at a time.... no wonder they were so fully booked. There's not much area for the staff as you can see things dumped here and there.

The wide range of colors to choose from :D
I was itching to try the crackle nail polish but I don't think it would suit my tiny nails >< so I opted for something between orange and pink.... coral I suppose XD;; Audrey on the other hand, took a shimmery mint green shade.

The end result of our manipedi session
Our manipedi was done in record breaking time.... 40 MINUTES. Compared to my experience at Posh! Nail Spa, this was a bloody super rush job. Not only I didn't feel pampered, the environment was very cramped. There's a thin line between cosy and cramped and this was just plain cramped because everyone was so close to each other... The main counter for The Nail Bar was so close to me that I can just whack her with my short hands =___=;;

The manicurist applied the base coat and then the color before the base coat could dry up... as a result, the polish came off in a chunk.....

What became of Audrey's pedicure...
Before our nail polish could dry, another customer came for her appointment so Audrey got shooed from her seat to sit elsewhere @_@. I'm not fond of manipedi's in the first place but honestly from this experience, I would never recommend this place to anyone.... Goes to show that some companies are only interested to generate sales rather that looking at the long term goal of building a customer base...

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