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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

OB for Shu Uemura x Plusizekitten Event

Imagine how happy I was when I got the invite to Tammy's event together with Shu Uemura! Have been so horribly emo and moody, I just needed to go somewhere and destress >_<. When I saw Tammy's event, I knew by hook or crook I HAD to get my ass there. The last Shu Uemura x Plusizekitten event I attended was the Tsumori Chisato Xmas party and it was such a blast! Thank you Tammy for having me at your event \T__T/

The best part was, it's a dress up event!!! *_* I've been so cosplay deprived due to a few setbacks so this event was a good excuse for me to dress up! *_*b. Try and guess which princess I dressed up as! :D

Each year, Shu Uemura collaborates with a young and upcoming Japanese artist to come up with a limited edition collection that is sure to charm the Shu Fanatics. This year they've collaborated with a young Japanese artist, OB and launched a dreamy and magical collection that revolves around 4 princesses to help aid your skin concerns.

Presenting to you 

OB for Shu Uemura 2013 Spring Sakura Collection :D

Cherry Blossom Princess - grants pore-less smooth skin as fresh as the petals of the cherry blossom
Moon Princess - gives you luminous soft skin as a hazy moon in Spring night
Forest Princess - gives vitalized even-tones skin as fresh as the young leaves in early Spring
Ocean Princess - gives you bright skin, as transparent as the ocean

The 2013 Spring Sakura Collection

About the artist, OB. OMG she's only 21!!! I feel so under accomplished ><
Plusizekitten readers all mingling around
Reached there a bit late and my hands were kinda full so didn't snap much pictures T__T. It was great meeting new people :D and some familiar faces. Gods its been ages since I've been to a blog related event.

Our host, Tammy from Plusizekitten giving her speech XD
Followed by a tutorial by Lisa Yap, Chief makeup and Brow Specialist of Shu Uemura :D
After that, attendees were free to mingle around and play with the testers. Shu Uemura has specially provided brand new brushes for the event so we got to use clean brushes *w*. I ended up using my own fingers LOL. Didn't really play around that much as I had already did my own makeup before heading to the event.

The cleansing oils for the Spring Sakura Collection, an all time star product of Shu Uemura
The cleansing oil box packaging. Dreamy design on the outside, super cute design on the bottle :D
Part of the 2013 Sakura Spring Collection. Didn't manage to snap the whole collection as I didn't know the eyeshadows were brought inside the store ;_;
My favorite product out of the whole collection :D Ocean Beads Mini False Eyelashes <3
Attendees also got the chance to decorate their own canvas bag based on the OB collection using acrylic paint. The bags can be taken home and used. I myself know am a failure in art since I started school so I stayed away from the paints XD;;

Alicia painting the Ocean Princess
Ooooh curious to see what she painted
Half finished, doesn't it look gorgeous? *_*

There was also a competition going on during the event, awards were out for grabs for the Best Dressed OB Princess and Most Creative Artist.

Alicia won Best Dressed OB princess :D She sew her own costume just for the event! Definitely deserved the prize :D
There was an extra award for the Best Effort, went to this lucky lady here :) Love what she did to her eyes. The sparkle effect reminds me of Glinda's makeup from Oz
Group picture of the attendees! Photo from Plusizekitten.com
Have you guessed which princess I went as? :P

Photo by Senri
Tadah! Decided to go as the Cherry Blossom princess as the its almost the Sakura season in Japan. Also... mainly because I only have a pink wig *gets smacked*. Yukata and obi were from Onini, additional props were bought from here and there haha.

Goodie bag from the event :D
Everyone went home with a goodie bag and I was surprised when I found out inside the goodie bag was a Limited Edition 24k Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler!!!!! OMG Thank you Shu Uemura for the generous gift!!!! and thank you again Tammy for having me there!!!! Will definitely use the Rm20 voucher to get the Ocean Bead mini eyelashes and the cute Sakura Custom Case Duo Eyeshadow.


  1. Dear Jaslyn,

    I love your post and I love that you put so much into dressing up for this event. I also know that you love me lots.... so I'm going to give you a present that I bought, it's the Sakura Custom Case Duo E/S (just casing). Small gift from me for your effort <3 bcoz I love you too.


  2. Yeah.. your hands were full of flowers ahahhaha