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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Juice Beauty, The Organic Solution

They say you are what you eat and the saying also applies to what your skin 'eats'. Did you know that the skin absorbs 60% of what is placed on it? Of course that doesn't mean we have to stop our skincare regime and go all naturale. It's all on finding the right products with the right ingredients for your skin~

Few weeks ago, I collected a Juice Beauty box from Tammy from OnlyBeauty. The box reminds me a lot of the beauty box hype that's invading the blogsphere XD;; The brand Juice Beauty isn't new to me as I've heard about their store opening in The Gardens back in 2010 but it has never really occurred to me to try out their products.

Tadaaahhhh my Beauty Box! :3
When I first got the box, I squealed cuz it looks so cute like a vintage lunch box!!! :D

Summary of Juice Beauty's brand info
The box even has a handle so you can carry it around! :D

Juice Beauty's mission is to bring high efficiency, authentically organic and pleasurable beauty solutions to people worldwide. What makes Juice Beauty so special is that their products have 100% certified organic juice base which brings the total organic content up to 98% in every product. Because of their high organic content, Juice Beauty's organic products is also believed to give better age defying and blemish clearing results compared to conventional products.

I won't bore you with anymore statistics so to read up more on Juice Beauty, please head to http://www.juicebeauty.com/ haha. For a brand that started in 2005, they have quite a wide product line ranging from skin care to hair care and even makeup as well! Onward to revealing the box contents! :D

Juice Beauty goodness all in a box :)
Products inside the box

  1. Cleansing Gel 
  2. Oil-Free Moisturizer 
  3. Blemish Clearing Serum
  4. Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer 
  5. Stem Cellular Eye Treatment
Thank you OnlyBeauty for the goodies! *O* Upon opening the box, I could immediately smell the citrus scent from the products <3. Super love the scent compared to the fragrant flowery kind of scents :D. Today during my shower, I tried the cleansing gel

Nice travel size :D Should probably leave at bf's house and use it when I stayover hehe
Juice Beauty Cleansing Gel, a refreshing blend of certified organic, antioxidant cherry and lemon juices, purifying botanicals and soothing cleansers to gently remove impurities to clarify and balance, while protecting skin's natural moisture.

Surprisingly it has an open-close pump! :D Makes it perfect for travel as it prevents the contents from leaking into your luggage.
Only need this much for my face :)
Oh yes no kidding, I only needed that much for my face as the gel spreads pretty easily. Color kinda reminds me of a more concentrated fruit enzyme, even the smell smells like the fruit enzyme my mum used to have at home haha!

After cleansing, my face doesn't feel tight or have the 'squeaky' effect which is good :). My current cleanser was giving me problems since I always feel like there's slight oily residue after cleansing but I've always ignored it since it does a good job of balancing my face oil. Lets see if Juice Beauty can help balance my face oiliness too hehe <3

Note: Products were provided by OnlyBeauty but whatever I've expressed here is entirely based on my own understanding and opinion. Again, thank you OnlyBeauty for the opportunity :) Do join their member's circle at http://www.onlybeauty.com.my/ as there's lots of opportunities to get samples to try before you invest in the full-sized product.


  1. smells like fruit enzyme?! URM like vinegarish? I haven't tried this yet!

    1. A bit lo XD;; Fruit enzyme smell a lot stronger