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Saturday, November 24, 2012

So Ends Another Chapter.....

The last time I had such a painful ending was back in 2007. Today marks my last day at my office for my first job. Amazing how fast time flies @_@ and how painful it was to submit my resignation. So much confused feels but I knew it was something I HAD to do. Will definitely miss everyone and all the silly stuff we did T_T.

It was a good 2 years and 9 months T__T
My new job will be based in KL.... will definitely miss the PJ yamcha sessions, visiting Char Siew Pao, cloth hunting in Kamdar, and also the Selangor holidayssssss :( First 6 months will definitely be a struggle for me but if I can pull through, it'll be very worth it! 

GAR Kitty and last words from colleagues <3
Last piece of advice from boss!
Definitely learned a lot from the hells of Hagley & Hoyle! Thank you to everyone for the guidance and patience with me! I will try my best not to forget them 8D;;;


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