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Friday, November 16, 2012

K.I.S.S.ed by Kinerase®

Little A, there was once, a girl by that name,
Whose niche for adventure drove them insane,
She had lived for her heart, for that was no doubt,
And whatever she wondered,
She thought with a pout.....

Little A sighs as she lies down in the backyard. Her mother's voice ringing in her ears to tell her to stay away from the house after her last mischief. "What's wrong with me using some of mother's makeup? I want to look beautiful too" =(

"Beautiful you say~?" a voice purrs beside her.

"Oh wow a talking cat! So cute and so round, can I take you home?" <3

The name's Tammy from PSK and I'm here on a task.
Let you in on a secret to timeless skin.
So if you are keen and curious to know,
Follow the kiss trails and there you will know.

So off she went, following the kiss trails, to a cosy looking lounge on a fine Saturday afternoon. 

And just like Little A, everyone was there to indulge on the secret. 
All to be K.I.S.S.ed by Timeless Beauty with......
Register before you start your Kinerase journey =)
A dab of blue to the lips, and a kiss for each
To mark the momentous occasion for the day!

The makeover and photo area where everyone got a chance to have a temporary tattoo, makeover with blue lips and also take a photo to hang on the wall of kisses~ =)
Girls were also enjoying themselves with the cute jelly with blue lips and blue mocktails!
And here's Tammy Lim from Plusizekitten.com!
Yes, the cat that lured Little A to the event.
How she transformed, no one shall know~
Soon, it was time for the main highlight of the event for the this is where the secret will be revealed..... introducing the 3 main panelists for the day that shared their Kinerase® views and experiences.

(L - R) Ms Amy Zheng, Regional Marketing Director of Invida. Dr Koh and Tammy Lim
Everyone gathered to hear the results and experiences of Invida's K.I.S.S trial
Kinerase® is the only professional skincare line that contains optimal concentration of a special ingredient called Kinetin (N6-furfuryladenine), a compound found in plants that promotes cell growth. Scientist then discovered that it is a bio-growth factor that prevents plants from withering and drying out. Since 1955, scientist continued to conduct research on Kinetin to uncover it's full potential. It was then they've also proven that Kinetin is a naturally occurring component in human cell extracts and DNA cells of almost all living organisms. 

1994 marked the major turning point in the evolution of Kinetin research when Dr. Suresh Rattan and his team discovered that Kinetin not only works on plants and fruit flies, it also delays the onset of aging in human skin cells! After the discovery, Kinetin was patented in the US and exclusively made into skincare products under the name Kinerase®. 

Based on over 50 years and clinical studies, Kinerase® has been proven to slow down signs of aging. Skin cells stay healthy and continue to produce collagen and elasticin at a youthful rate longer. Hence, improvements in skin blotchiness, wrinkles as well as hydrated skin and smoother skin texture giving timelessly beautiful and radiant skin.

Ms Amy mentioned that while there numerous research done on Kinetin and it's anti-aging benefits, there were no comprehensive studies to measure how well Kinetin works on Asian skin. With that in mind, Invida upgraded and reformulated Kinerase® products with advanced Japanese formulation and embarked on the largest clinical study in Asia on Kinetin to track skin aging on photo-damaged skin - the Kinerase® Innovative Skincare Study (K.I.S.S trial). 

Over the 12 week K.I.S.S trial, patients were assessed over regular intervals at week 4, 8 and 12 to test the effectiveness of Kinerase® Cream containing 0.1% Kinetin in enhancing Asian complexion. 98% of Asians who participated in the K.I.S.S trial described their experience with Kinerase® as positive, with skin looking healthier, younger and suppler. they also reported that skin roughness, molting, blotchiness, brown spots and fine wrinkles significantly diminished within 12 weeks of using Kinerase® Cream.

In Malaysia, the results from the patients were effective with the following skin improvement:
  1. 97% of patients reported a reduction in severity of photo-damaged skin
  2. 96% of patients reported a reduction in skin roughness
  3. 97% of patients had a reduction in molting, blotchiness and pigmentation
  4. 89% of patients witnessed a reduction in fine wrinkles

Dr. Koh, a dermatologist who participated in the K.I.S.S trial said that most of his patients prefer non-invasive measures to minimize the effects of aging and the K.I.S.S trial results show that Kinerase® Cream that contains 0.1% Kinetin is an effective alternative to other treatments like AHA, BHA and retinoids.

Tammy Lim who is a K.I.S.S trial participant said that she was amazed at the effects of Kinerase® in just 8 weeks. Her skin is fairer and wrinkles are less significant. On top of that, she's been receiving compliments about her radiant complexion! 

Invida's staff attending to the ladies. They sure know their stuff :D
Everyone had a chance to have a look at the Kinerase® full range catered for Asian skin with the help of Invida's knowledgable staff. They took home a little something to begin their Kinerase® journey, including Little A =)

The full range of Kinerase products :D
Currently they only have 5 products in their core collection but one of the staffs mentioned that more products like their sunblock will be arriving soon! Possibly in January :D

Products provided for Little A's own Kinerase® journey!

Been using it for 2 weeks, and here's what she has to say.........

Dear Amy, Dr. Koh, Tammy and Invida staff, 
Thank you so much for introducing me to Kinerase®. I have been suffering from sensitive and acne skin since my pre-teen years. My T-zone is often oily and as red as a traffic light but after using the Kinerase® lotion, I noticed that my face is less oily and my T-zone is no longer red except for my chin area. My foundation goes on a lot easily and I haven't had any acne breakouts ever since I started using Kinerase® lotion! *touch wood*
I'm looking forward to the result in 8 weeks time, who knows maybe I'll be begging Dr Koh for a year supply like what Tammy did! :D 
Signing off,
Little A
Thank you to Invida for their efforts in introducing Kinerase to the Asian market! =)
Kinerase® is suitable for all skin types as it is non-comedogenic, hypoallergic, fragrance-free, dye-free and paraben free formula. Kinerase® is exclusively available at selected dermatologists and aesthetic clinics. For more info and list of all available specialists that has Kinerase® products, visit http://www.kineraseasia.com.my/ 

Disclaimer & Notes:
The event had a dress code so I thought of making use of what I wore, to create an Alice inspired character which gave me the idea to create a scenario that leads to the event. Decided to rename her so that no one sues me for spoiling Alice's character. I'm really sorry if I did ;_;. I used Pusheen to represent Tammy since her blog name is Plusizekitten (get it?? get it??? 8DDD *gets slapped*). Photos without watermarks are from Invida's stash of event photos! And thank you Audrey for coming out to photoshoot with me! *kisses*

What I wrote on 'Little A's' feedback was what I experienced during the 2 weeks of using Kinerase® so yes it's really the results I'm getting :D


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