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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Young Hearts Workshop

This was due two weeks ago but I was so busy every weekend doing stuffs so while waiting for my feet to soak up the foot mask essence, I decided to write the entry :D;; As you guys know, I posted about the Young Hearts workshop a while back so I dragged Swing as my partner-in-suffering.

Reached on the dot!
While the staff arranged the chairs, participants were browsing the store checking out all the cute lingerie~
Table of refreshments :D
My fav~ <3
Around 2.15pm we were invited to take a seat as the workshop was about to start. To my horror..... the workshop was conducted in CHINESE! OAO
Presentation was all in CHINESEEEEE!!! OAO
The worst part is that me as Swing have ZILCH understanding of Chinese T_T so both of us were sitting there for an hour, feeling totally clueless. They also introduced their new collection of lingerie which is named after Girls names @_@;; each type catering to an occasion and individual preference.

The first one is Belle which comes in cute red Vichy patterns :D. Suitable for everyday wear and it's slightly padded for the push up effect. Also comes in Red and Cherry patterns!! I saw the Cherry patterns in the store and it's absolutely adorable believe me!! <3 Oh yes Belle also comes in shades of Blue as well :D

Next personality is Rachel. It's thickly padded to give the double push up level with a super deep plunging neckline. There's also higher and stronger side panels for better support :D Perfect for women with those side bulges.

Next up is Julia, a 5 way convertible bra. The bra comes with detachable straps so you can adjust it according to your attire of the day :D. Would love to wear my racerback shirts with this hehe.

Fourth personality is Ashley, which comes with higher side panels to support any side bulges and a U-shaped back to give a more shapely silhouette, similar to Wacoal's bra's :D Those who love lace and ribbons might prefer this compared to Belle.

And lastly, we have Sarah which is my favorite among the whole collection introduced on that day. Sarah provides excellent support with soft breathable padding (sounds weird me saying this OTL) I love this series because of the lacy straps 8D together with the high side panels for support <3

After the presentation, everyone had a chance to be measured and go through a consultation by a Taiwanese consultant. It was taking quite a while cuz people just started trying on bras as well so me and Swing just made a move to our next appointment ><

Well.... not forgetting our goodie bag :D 
Such a cute box! <3 It looks like we're carrying pastries from the bakery XD
Awesome goodies! Box of panties, a toiletry bag, Young Hearts cash vouchers and also the catalogue of their latest collection :D
Thank you Young Hearts for organizing the workshop and giving such a generous goodie bag *O* I do hope they give a notice on what language the workshop will be conducted in >_<.

Now to see which bra should I get 8D hehehehe

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