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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

River Deep, Mountain High~~~

Jack Vidgen's cover song is ringing in my head after the Broga trip today XD;; Just a few days ago I joined one of the CF groups for a trip down Taman Rimba, organized by 9Gems.
River wasn't very clean compared to Ulu Yam =S
It was a pot luck BBQ and a bring-your-own-utensils time. Thankfully someone brought lots of plates and cups so there was more than enough to go around =D. Lots of thanks to Swing, Lowies, Ikki and Gems for cooking for us :3
Beautifully BBQ-ed chicken *O*

People were having lots of fun!
Evil brought a guitar :D and people start playing whatever shit they can. Here's Linkin being serenaded XD
Then today I went up Broga. For some reason, I still can't climb up Broga without putting my weight onto someone or something D: I thought I could go on to the 2nd peak but by the time I reached the first, my ankles couldn't go anymore T_T;;. I trade Broga for 5 hours of tennis anytime D:
Just as I thought we're reaching the peak, there's a long way more T_T
Up on the peak. As usual there's a sea of people so there's not much pictures on the peak from me =(
I brought Pusheen up Broga =D
Pusheen's Pride! The only reason I brought Pusheen up to Broga XD
People were calling me crazy (out loudly in Mandarin pfft) when I took photos with Pusheen. I'm sorry for the people who didn't have a childhood ;_;

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