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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April's Rant and Retail Therapy

I might be open, but I don't appreciate people who talk without thinking. It's sad that I've know this person for a few years yet he/she can keep doing this to me. Not once, not twice but I've been getting it for more than 6 months.

I was talking to a friend the other day and the issue of Miss V came up. Apparently Miss V says whatever the fuck she wants because she has nothing to lose because she has nothing. Oh just because she doesn't value herself, doesn't give the reason to be so fucking selfish. Believe me, I can be what Miss V is, probably even nastier. I just choose not to do it because I want to respect people's feelings as much as I hope people will respect mine.

To top it up, the issue of MONEY came up between mother and me.... she's demanding more plus now I have to start paying my PTPTN which means more than half of my salary goes to her each month now. Not covering my own food expenses, parking, phone bill and essential toiletries. This sucks really.... it sucks how that bitch keeps trying to guilt trip me. It sucks looking at people around me who are born with silver, gold, platinum spoons in their mouths, not tied to loans, get cars for birthday presents and churn out 32647453659 cosplay costumes.

So to get away from all this.... social pressure =3=, I went to do a bit of retail therapy.... My trusty Charles & Keiths broke down after 3 years. Not bad really, for something that I only paid RM80 for. I went around Sunway Pyramid and found new wedges from Payless ShoeSource, the largest family footwear retailer in the US. They work with some of America's fashion designers to come up with new collections but you know me, the comfort comes first =D
My new shoes from Brash Shoe & Accessories. Not the style I would pick but they were comfortable for me
I could never wear RM30-40 shoes that people get from cheap sales =/ cuz my feel are kinda flat with wide toe area so those shoes would hurt me after an hour or two. Really happy with my shoes :D. On Sunday after camp, I dropped by Times Square to check out Room8008's store. Wanted to get the pink off shoulder casual top from her but end up buying other things to replace in my wardrobe =/
From top left: Liz Lisa inspired bag, Pink casual off-shoulder top, Mint green skirt and striped sailor top
Okay I admit the Liz Lisa bag was a very bad impulsive buy OAO;;; but I love it so much!!! Most of the stuffs are pastel colors which is the color of spring this season =D

Whelp.... that goes all of my salary this month =/ My last shopping spree for a looooong time....

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