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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bacon & Latte :D

Greyson Chance. Bacon Party. FAT FAT FAT

Yes that pretty much sums up those weeks that I was away and couldn't blog....We had a random bacon parteh after I found some cheap bacon on Lowyat

Think x2
The seller was selling 1kg for RM38. Picture shows how much you get for 1kg =D Hell the strips were big and thick *O* and there was around 10 of us that day. Some brought other food and Ezel got more ingredients to cook.
Mashed potato with bacon bits

Scrambled eggs with bacon bits >_> can't really see the bacon orz
Oh sinful bacon~~~ Stash cooked by KidChan

Thanks to whoever who brought the salad *O* Couldn't stop munching on the corn and brocolli
Eric and Kira brought Latte over~ So tak halal 8D

Latte begging for food <3
Been pigging out so much and ignoring my workouts. I think my BMI is gonna shoot up x_X oh all those hard work *sobs*

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