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Monday, April 16, 2012

Corzplay Weekend

Late post is late =/ I wanted to post last week but I'm not getting any photos so you'll have to bear with ugly low quality photos~

Last Sunday I took a short trip to KLIA with Audrey and Shun for Junjou Terrorist shoot. There's a small scene in the manga that took place in the airport so I was hoping to shoot that part. The shoot was small and fun. We jakun a lot and I think people thought we were like little kids riding the travelator so many times XD;; 

Given a choice, I would really like to capture a scene of both characters with the background of the plane taking off *gets slapped* I was mostly the problem OwO having proximity issues and lack of expression OTL but I hope the photos turn out well..... or else there's always a retake =P
Camwhore photo at the end of the day =D
Sunday I went to gamefest which was held in MMU, Cyberjaya. Went to judge the cosplay competition so I decided to not give a fuck about accuracy and cosplayed Yamato Yudai from Prince of Tennis. I honestly look too small for him TwT but I love his character so much <3 and I could recycle Ryoma wig wahahahahaha~

Did a small (ok not really small) photoshoot with a few photographers OTL honestly I only wanted one photo of my Yamato XD;; but thanks for those who spared me their previous time T3T I look forward to the photos~~~

Photo by Usagi~
Love this impromptu photo take by Usagi =D cuz it shows a bit of Yamato's 'kakkoi' side lololol. I hope to see the photos of when we were really playing tennis *O*

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