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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Incoming Cats and Dogs Flood

Last weekend I went back to Ipoh. Dropped our things at home and headed to Kampar to see my dad's relatives. My brother was excited when he saw a dog at the house but when we got a closer look... turns out it was a...

Chihuahua?! =A=;; Damn it was just a small scrawny dog.

Came home and omg I see another pip squeak across the road *kicks~*

Sad couldn't touch this cat =( Saw it while walking to my favorite DVD store which was CLOSED =A= I suspect there was a raid cuz the one next door was secretly selling haha.

I tried a makeup test for the photoshoot but the result wasn't too satisfying =( At least I got the eyeliner part right =D I was only testing with eyeshadow and eyeliner so no mascara or fake lashes. Comments anyone? >w<

Will try to experiment with 2 colors only then. Sigh, I have to admit, this is another entry that I typed in a hurry T_T. There was suppose to be more pic uploads but I really don't have the time. Entry was suppose to be up last night and now I have to go to sleep! *flies*

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