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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Date Night, My Story

While everyone is spazzing about the latest movie, Date Night, me and Jared had our own date yesterday to celebrate his birthday. Sadly we couldn't celebrate on the day itself as I had to pick up a dress on that day.

Got him this necklace set as a gift =D The process to order it was such a 'kan cheong' moment >< All I can say is BlackBerry ftw! Ignore the fingerprints on the necklace ;__; I was so overjoyed to receive it exactly 24 hours right after I placed my order.

Took him to Zen for a treat~ I ordered soba and we got served along with this interesting looking saucer filled with stuff. First time I see them serving egg this way XD;;

After dinner we went shopping around and I remembered King's birthday is this month as well so went to buy his present =D. Got these for myself *points above* Pics of King's pressie won't be up till tomorrow XD;; And yes i got FIRMING lotion >w< hopefully it'll help firm up some parts of my body. Got the Olay wash as well cuz I heard it makes your skin feel velvety smooth! Much thanks to Jared for helping me pay for it first ;__;

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