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Monday, April 5, 2010

Cats Have Their Bad Times Too

Mine started since Wednesday when I was pressured to thread my eyebrows before Saturday =_=. Problem is my usual salon at KL Sentral closes at 7.30pm and I finish work at 6pm. Traveling from PJ to KL Sentral might take longer than that depending on the jam and I don't dare to take the risk. Plan B, trolled CF forum for threading salons in PJ/Subang since some forumer recently opened a thread there. Found one at SS15, Subang so I went there on Friday.

My first mistake was parking near Jared's place as beauty center was quite far. It was somewhere around Taylor's foundation block. I rushed there as Jared told me it closed at 7pm, arrived there sweating to find out they closed at 8pm orz. The entrance was a glass door covered in BLACK curtains D8, very unfriendly. I rang the door to be greeted by a very sour looking lady. I asked for eyebrow threading and she looked towards the chair.... no words exchanged =_=.

I seated myself on the chair and was greeted by ANOTHER lady who was frowning just as bad as the first lady WTF. Thankfully the threading process isn't very painful, I hope they plucked out all the hairs properly though @_@ but dammit that is one salon I'll try not returning to >_>. RM8 and so not worth it for the service, the salon at KL Sentral only charges me RM7 and they're so much more friendlier. I've been going to that salon for close to 3 years till they know what I want XD;;

Oh yes I forgot to give the name of the salon:

Akash Beauty Center
No. 47, 1st Floor, Jln SS15/4,
47500 Petaling Jaya

After rebonding my hair, I realized I need to get some hair products to maintain that Pantene straightness and shiny-ness! (does that word exist? rofl) so yesterday I popped by MidValley to get some hair products. I went ALL the way there just to compare prices between Watsons and Guardian, buy a wooden comb (I never combed my hair when it was permed rofl) and get some work pants. After 3 hours of shopping, I went home empty-handed =A= while my family stocked their groceries and enough detergent to open a laundry shop. Turns out the Schwarzkopf Gliss-Kur spray I wanted is not sold in the Guardian at MidValley =_=;;. I dropped by the Guardian at Taman Maluri, same case. Only the outlet near by house stocks it =A=.

Only thing I'm happy about the MidValley trip is trying on this awesome pair of pants.

So short~ but ended up not buying it after someone commented that I needed to jog T_T, to put it bluntly, FAT WOBBLY THIGHS DX.

Got these from the Guardian near my house (Wooden comb bought from Jusco, Taman Maluri)

The Gliss-Kur was only RM23.90, dirt cheap for a salon brand 8D. Elseve has spray conditioner too but I've labeled their brand as a con brand in my book =_=. Yesterday I discovered they have a new packaging for their hair serum (orange bottle in pic). The old packaging is 100ml for RM34.90, the new packaging is 50ml for RM34.90 WTF. Quantity reduced by half but price still the same >_>. I rushed all the way back to my guardian store to buy the old packaging =D I also just realized the pink Gliss-Kur has been used before I purchased it TT_TT.

*continues rolling around office with a stomach ache*


  1. aiya...how come used before still can put back at the rack...sheesh..><

  2. eeehh yeah here too, some people use the products =_=
    for my part i just open to smell haha !
    i saw a woman emptying a whole bottle in a jat she brought, i was like " wtf....."

    im impresed they sell schwartzkopf products there ! i use agliss shampoo and a whitener from this brand :/ the whitener is very hard to find even over here >_< i had to go in a profesional shop !

  3. just curious, what's the salon name at KL sentral that you always go to? might want to give it a try ;)

  4. Helo nana~ Thanks for stopping by my blog. The place I go is at the same row as Public Bank =D Didnd't really remember the name cuz it was long @_@