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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thoughts on the Bag of Love

I first heard about the beauty box trend when VT debuted their beauty box in Singapore. It didn't take long for the fad to reach our shores and to date, we have about 7-8 beauty box brands available locally. Each offering an assortment of brands under their belt.

Truthfully I was quite interested in trying out the beauty box experience myself... but none of them have captured my interest so far.... until the Bag of Love came along and snuck itself into my 'To Buy' list! Oh noesssssss *dies*

The Bag of Love is one of its kind as it's a 'beauty box' that comes to your doorstep in a bag :D Founded by Mi Mi Teh, a former beauty writer for some of Malaysia's top women's magazines. The products are carefully selected and packaged by Mi Mi herself! and it comes at an affordable price of RM39.90! Given the chance, I would love to experience the Bag of Love myself for so many reasons *O*/

1. Dat Bag! 
Picture credits to Bag of Love
Check out their debut bag for the month of March. I'm totally impressed at the effort done for this bag *O*, colors remind me of Victoria Secret merchandise It's not noticeable in the picture but even the bag itself has its own golden label! :) Not only that, the contents of the bag are also just as impressive as the bag itself. By the way, the bag designs change every month which is just awesome hehe~ just perfect since it'll be weird to have the same bag design every month @_@.... we'll end up having lots of spares at home LOL

2. The Promise: 5 Deluxe Samples

Contents of their March debut box
Look at all those itemsssss *O* they're all deluxe samples and there's even a full size brush!!! The amount of items in that bag are definitely worth every penny spent! I like that there are no sachet samples in the bag as we can always get those kind of samples free from the counter. On top of the 5 deluxe samples, they've also thrown in a couple of surprises like a free movie pass and also gift vouchers :D

3. Personality, I like :)

Unlike other brands, Bag of Love has a cute mascot representing Mi Mi herself :) +100 points from me as I loved how Bag of Love has been using the mascot to communicate with the fans. I do feel a close connection to the brand already and I haven't even subscribed yet XD;;

4. Surprises That Just keep Coming
Last but not least, the little hints that Mi Mi leaves on the Facebook page just keeps me coming back for more <3 Just to drop a hint here..... :D
Bag of Love's theme for April :D
There's also more hints about April's bag, just head over to their Facebook page or their website~
Facebook: Bag of Love
Website: Bag of Love

To top it up, Bag of Love will be collaborating with The Butterfly Project to host the very first on-site unboxing event where 30 bloggers will be invited to a Tea Party where they can experience the Bag of Love together! What's more, the tea party will be held at Delectable by Su!!!!! <insert squealing here!!!!!!!> Pretty gals with pretty desserts to 'unbox' a pretty bag full of love together!!! ( °٢°  ) *wipes drool*

First Unboxing Tea Party!
To find out how to get your exclusive invite to this tea party, be part of The Butterfly Project group to find out more~ :D Better quickly post your entry fast as there's only 3 days left!!!

Hope I'll be able to go~~~  o(>< )o o( ><)o

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