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Monday, December 31, 2012

Before The End

*squints hard* Omigosh been more than a month since I last blogged!! I'm so sorry T_T as I was caught up in a lot of things, it was pretty hard to edit my photos T3T. Well here's a summary of what's been happening for the last 1 month.

New Workplace
Yeap, changed to a new job after almost 3 years. Pure luck that my resume went around and got a spot at the company. Some people were surprised, some asked me if I've died yet and some were gushing how good it was. Believe me, it isn't. The circumstances aren't as good as what I hoped but if I make it through, it'll make a good addition to my resume :).

Some small perks I enjoy is the free breakfast and being able to travel by LRT. These 2 help me save A LOT. Bad side is, there's no Chinese mixed rice nearby the area so I normally eat VERY little for lunch. I'm still trying to adjust at my workplace, finding myself extremely lethargic after work (despite coming home earlier) and the amount of acne/bumps sprouted ever since I started work isn't funny.

So here's to hoping a year of survival for 2013 *clinks glass with monitor*

Comic Fiesta 2012!!
The long awaited end year event has finally come and go!!! Entering a new workplace and with CF around the corner was the worst time for me. I spent the week before CF sleeping at 3am, waking up at 7am. Come back by 8pm to do house chores then continue working on costumes till the wee hours of the morning. Repeat process x7. Thankfully I didn't plan on having any elaborate costumes for the year or else I'd be dead.

Day 1 Costume 
Character: Juliet Fiammata Asto Capulet 
Series: Romeo x Juliet 
Photo by Misao~

Had so much headache trying to find the right fabric color for her costume and also her wig color!!! Omg damn difficult to find the most accurate wig color! This was the best color I could find that would appeal in photographs >w<. Costume done by Ms Tan's Tailoring.

The iris flowers were another nightmare. I found out no one supplies fake iris flowers in KL so I had to specially order from Taobao. 3 miserable pieces for RM50 >_< Belt was also done last minute due to a miscalculation but glad it turned out well :D

Day 2 Costume
Character: Liu Mao Hsing
Series: Cooking Master Boy aka Chuuka Ichiban
Photo by Oh BengYew

Firstly... I'm sorry I got the hand sign wrong T___T forgive me!!! *bows* I'm just a small boy~~~ Finally able to cosplay this series!!! One of the first anime I watched on AXN together with Saiyuki :D I love love love love Mao but due to lack of resources (picture refs & budget), I had this costume on hold for a VERY long time. I ended up buying 2 types of blue wigs because I can't make up my mind which wig looks better in photos lolol. Thanks to Jared for helping with the Super Chef logo ^w^V. Costume done by Yori Tailoring Services which turned out to be a CF member I knew back in 2009 haha.

Oh fortunately I also manage to find the black 'capalang' wok at Jusco! Perfect for Mao's era XD;;; The only problem is that it was too bulky to be carried around the hall filled with thousands of people during event day @_@. Oh well~ there's always photoshoot~

Cosplaying Mao forced me to dabble with some prop making. I had to make a cleaver since a real one could make children cry 8D. I still hate prop-making because of the mess it makes. I've scratched the family marble table and also accidentally sprayed over condo property *shhhh*. 

Bless4 Bless4 Bless4!!!
This year, Comic Fiesta invited Bless4 to the event! <3 There was a night concert during Day 1 and everyone who attended got the chance to High 5 all the Bless4 members! :D
Photo by Misao!
So happy and thankful to Misao for capturing this moment!!! Usagi also took my photo on Day 2 when I got the chance to meet and greet with the Bless4 members *o* Thank you Belle for giving me the chance to hog your CD for the autograph session! XD

Cosplay Ball
Last event of the year~ Decided to go to see what's all the fuss about :D I'd say it's so-so. If you don't but the early bird price, you'd be crying at what you get haha. Thank god I have old CF member peeps like Hito, RRJ and Silvy or else I'd feel super lonely >_<
Have a picture of me and my MOE ROMEO T3T *jelly*
The Rilakkuma hat was from the Christmas exchange gift lol. The moment I put it on... instant cuteness +1 level OTL. People kept molesting it @__@


So that pretty much summarizes my December. I'm off to a NYE parteh right after work so thought I better churn out this post ASAP before the year ends~ There's still pictures of the gifts and souvenirs that I received during the last 2 weeks but no time to extract from camera @_@. Will upload soon~

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