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Monday, October 17, 2011

Esmeria Alpine Willowherb Range Review

Today has been a great day so I decided to blog a bit about Esmeria's Alpine Willowherb range. I took quite a long break from blogging since I was having trouble expressing myself and my busy schedule can't allow me to sit down and mull over what to write. Anyways, I received my long awaited samples from Esmeria and when I meant long awaited, it was to the point I've forgotten that I requested for those samples XD;;

The samples arrived in a customized packing just the right size for the sachets and the RM5 voucher. Way to go to tempt me to purchase the product ><
Esmeria is the first Malaysian Ecocert certified skin care brand. their aim is to have personal care products that are both eco-friendly and affordable! I requested my sample through their website and you'll have to answer the quiz which prescribes a suitable range for you. My skin is forever oily as far as I've known so it's no surprise that I got the Alpine and Willowherb range.

The Alpine Willowherb range is for Oily and Acne skin and the range comes with the 3 basics, cleansing gel, toner and moisturizing solution. I'll only be reviewing the cleansing gel and moisturizing solution.

Alpine Willowherb Purifying Cleansing Gel
Cleans and purify oily and acne prone skin with Esmeria's Purifying Cleansing Gel.
Gentle amino acid and sugar derived cleansing agents remove sebum from the skin without stripping away natural moisture.
Alpine Willowherb reduces oiliness calms sore and irritated skin while New Zealand Totarol extract offers powerful anti-blemish action.
This purifying cleanser soothes and reduces oiliness.

First thing that I noticed was that the sample sachet I receive was made from paper so I gave it +2 points! Firstly, it's recyclable and secondly, it's MUCH easier to tear the sachet off since our hands will be wet by the time we want to open the sachet to use. 

The gel texture was a lot smoother compared to other gel cleansers I've used. I suspect it's because of the aloe vera leaf juice which was one of the ingredients that made the gel 'glide' easily over my face. The way I described it seems funny but it's the best I can do =(. The sachet I received last about 3-4 days and within that period, I noticed that my face looked less red and my pimples shrunk a little =). It didn't help much with the oil controlling as my face was back to being oily after 2 hours.

Alpine Willowherb Purifying Moisturizing Solution
Soothe and purify oily and acne prone skin.
The wholesome combination of Aloe Vera, Alpine Willowherb and New Zealand Totarol Extract offers soothing, long lasting moisturization, a reduction in oiliness and helps prevent acne.
Esmeria's Moisturising Solution delivers non-oily, pure moisturisation.
I love the smell of the moisturizer as it's very mild and smells like those aromatherapy oils used during massage. It helped lull me to sleep 8D. So instead of applying it right after toner, I apply it right before going to bed lol. Other than that, there's nothing much I can talk about the moisturizer XD;;

For those who are interested to try Esmeria's skin care range, Esmeria Organics is having a promotion at Watsons, Sunway Pyramid. From October 24 to October 30, bring in a conventional (non natural e.g product with SLS, Parabens. PEG, Synthetic Fragrances & Colorant etc) skin care product and exchange Esmeria Organics Travel Facial Skin Care Set worth RM39.90 for free!!


Bring in a conventional (non natural e.g product with SLS, Parabens. PEG, Synthetic Fragrances & Colorant etc) skin care product and exchange Esmeria Organics Travel Facial Skin Care Set worth RM39.90 for free!!

Refer here for details of the promotion.
Esmeria Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/esmeriaorganics

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