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Monday, September 26, 2011

Latest Buys Because I'm Bored

While people are busy at Animangaki or Anicom, I woke up late with tons of washing to do so decided to stay home and now I'm dying from boredom *sigh*. Trying to remove the eyeliner stain from my Seigaku jersey but it hasn't been working so far grrrrr. Since we're on the topic of my cosplay stuffs, I'm just gonna show a little shopping I did for my cosplay.
NYX lipsticks!
I was looking for a nude lipstick for Ryoma and figure it'll be cheaper than buying from the pharmacy. On top of the nude lipstick, I also picked up a frosty pink lipstick on the way just to make the best out of the PosLaju charges.
2 NYX lipsticks in shade Circe and Harmonica
I was torn between the shade Honey and Circe as I've tried Honey before and it fitted me perfectly but Circe has always been a choice among most of my friends. One thing I leaned from my purchase is that the swatches on the website can't be trusted!!!

Swatches from their main site.
Circe seems to be chocolate brown while Harmonica is like a Strawberry Milk kind of pink. Slightly darker than the actual product colors. The magic continues when I tried swiping it! As I suspected, Circe was too dark on my lips but damage controlled with just dabbing a bit off my compact powder to my lips and whalla! Perfect blending~

Harmonica was a bit of a downer. I saw the swatches from other blogs and it seemed like a really nice color but when I tried it on I looked like a ganguro lacking the dark foundation. I looked terrible so no photos were snapped XD;; The color might look better if I combine it with a dark colored lipgloss. I'll try experimenting the posting up a makeup test T_T;;

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