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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Review: BeautyFoot Day 1

Yay another chance to review a product! Last month I scored a chance to review BeautyFoot after participating in a poll from OnlyBeauty. BeautyFoot is a painless treatment to remove all the hardened dead skin off your feet. It's main ingredient, organic fruit acid penetrates the layer of dead skin cells and decomposes the desmosomes which holds together the healthy layers and the dead skin cells which leads to natural peeling.

My BeautyFoot sample from OnlyBeauty =D
Instructions on how to use
Inside is a sock-like plastic filled with gel =D
Open the packaging and slip your feet in. Let the gel soak your feet for the next 2 hours *starts shuffling around the house*.
Once the 2 minutes is up, just wash off the gel and just wait for the magic to begin! I'll continue each day's progress in different entries. Some might find it gross but it's just skin man! Not as though I'm peeling a scab >w<;;

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