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Monday, May 20, 2013

Unzipping Tea Party with Bag of Love & Delectable Su

ARGH! 3 weeks delay to update this! Damn I'm a horrid blogger T_T. Right after this event, I had so much work piling up not to mention I had a shoot early May so had to put my blogging on halt. But now that I'm back (hopefully long enough to churn out a few posts), would like to share about the last event I went which was an UNZIPPING event hehehe. No it didn't involve me or any other human unzipping lol.

Late April, I scored an invite to be one of the first few people to unzip Bag of Love's April bag :D. There were 2 sessions with 15 people for each sessions held at Delectable Su. 

Arrived at Delectable Su to find the area sealed off for us *_*
One of the rare times that people arrived much earlier :P Guess everyone's so excited for the tea party *w*. 

Tea set up for the party :D

The dessert table that greeted the girls *_* OMIGOSH look at all those desserts!!! So many of us and only 15 of us haha I didn't touch much of the desserts cuz I'm not one to eat such sweet foods so early in the morning ><. 

Pusheen: CAKEEEEE. Annnddddd it jumped straight on the dessert table. 
Being bloggers, we were all swarming the dessert table and snapping photos for a good hour. No one dared to touch the food for some unknown reason haha. Maybe scared other people haven't got their shots? Or desserts too pretty to eat? XD

Caramel peanuts~
All day suckers and chocolate mousse cake in cute teacups~ I took the lollipop home and gave it to my  bf's maid haha

Decorated cupcakes. Butterfly for Butterfly Project group and the heart shape represents Bag of Love :D
Plenty just for 15 eh? That's not the end of it. On our tables where was also a tea time set with various pastries, savories and cakes for us to sample. 

Pusheen likes it~
Bloggers seated at the table to rest and wait for our VIP guest :D

Meet Mi Mi, a self professed beauty addict, formerly a beauty writer for some of the biggest beauty magazines in Malaysia and now the person behind the Bag of Love. I was surprised to find out she's a mum to two kids! OAO She's so bubbly yet humble as she spoke about the Bag of Love, telling us her difficulties when preparing the bags while sharing how much she enjoys what she's doing. After her speech, Santa Tammy came out and gave us each an April edition Bag of Love (wheee!!!).

Using my skirt as a backdrop hoho~
Tadaa! featuring April's Bag of Love! The bag is made of bleach-free canvas and the Bag of Love tag inside is made from recyclable non-woven material. Don't be fooled by how fragile it feels as Mi Mi said this bag is quite heavy duty :D

The girls instagramming, posting up their beauty bags

Oh wow!! Look at all those products!!! My mind immediately registered Body Shop, Decleor, Burts Bees and Definite! So happy that there's a Definite brush in the bag! :D Last month, it was a cheek brush, this time it's a contour brush which is a cosplayer's must have hehe! I was considering to buy a contour brush but not anymore as the Definite brush in April's Bag of Love is in FULL SIZE! :D More about the products in the next post!

TT__TT Thank you The Butterfly Project for working hard to organize the event for us girls! And thank you Delectable Su AND Bag of Love for such a wonderful tea time session :3 For those who were drolling at the food thinking they missed out, fear not as the tea time you saw on the table is part of Delectable Su's Tea Time Treats which is available everyday from 2pm - 6pm at only RM15 for 1, RM28 for 2 person

Do check out Delectable Su's album for more mouth-watering pictures of her Tea Time Treats! Plus if you pre-book your tea session, you'll receive a fun little Delectable fabric button~ :3

Crap... didn't realize a hair on my skirt there >_>

Just as I was already walking on clouds with my new Bag of Love, Delectable Su surprised us all by giving us a set of Delectable fabric buttons for keeps! Omigoshhhhhh <3 Many thanks to Su!!! <3 

Happy little girl together with Mi Mi~
A special post about April's Bag of Love will be up next~ In the mean time, if you're keen to join in the fun, do join The Butterfly Project community. I heard there's an exciting project in June coming up~~~ :)

The Butterfly Project: Facebook
Delectable by Su: Facebook | Website
Bag of Love: Facebook | Website


  1. Holla! I was in the morning session also, too bad didnt get to talk to you. See you again! :D

    1. Heyo Yuh Jiun! I'm kind of a shy person >w< Hope to see you next time! :D

  2. Haha no rush la babe:) we all have our busy times as well ba *hugs*

    1. Horrible lo ;A; stayback till 9-10pm often, last week got one of the days I stayed till 4am somemore... zzzzz