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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spa Party? Oh Yes Me Needs One! ;_;

Ever since I joined my new agency life, the last couple of months has been a rough road for me. Everyday I wake up at 7am, reach work by 8.30am, clock in about 12 hours average and reaching home by 11pm and if I'm 'lucky' enough, continue working after a shower then sleeping by 1am (if there's no work).

Me right now at 2.30am still working on a presentation for a 9.30am meeting....
My unhealthy hours plus my unhealthy diet has left me fat and a zombie faced *points down*

Pic credits: Mashable.com
Bah as though I would put my own face there. My face would probably scare the pants out of my readers so here's a grumpy cat that reflects my mood =3=....... and then I saw Butterfly Project's June activity that just stole my heart....

A spa party for members of The Butterfly Project! This is the biggest spa party I've seen that has so many collaborations with many well-known brands!
  • Posh! Nail Spa - Enjoyed my last experience and I'm dying to go back and let people tend to me <3
  • Idea Food Solution - It's not a party without food :D
  • Fotobox - I've never experience fun photobooths, other than when I go take my passport picture LOL so am really excited to find out what will be in store for the Spa Party *_*
Idea on the experience with fotobox. I hope photos will be printed for us to keep for memories *_* (if I can score the invite of course hehe)
  • Tres Chic Party Planner - Coincidentally, I attended my friend's baby shower just a few days ago which was also organized by Tres Chic! and I must say they did a lovely job :D  felt like I was attending a cosy tea party.
Part of the party deco by Tres Chic at my friend's baby shower. Check out more of their  party deco's on their Facebook! :) Can't wait to see how they will decorate Posh! Nail Spa~
Pic Credits: Tres Chic Facebook
  • The Body Shop Malaysia - A major beauty brand that is a retailer of natural products. I've been a fan of their brushes and also recently, the Deep Sleep pillow mist that I got from Bag of Love :D 
  • so Soft. so JOHNSON'S® - Oh my, I never knew they re-branded themselves until recently *ashamed*. I still remember using their body lotion and their no more tears shampoo as a kid :P. 
  • Havaianas Malaysia - Only the most comfortable pair of flip-flops in the world!!! I had a pair myself.... until my mum took it ;_;.... here's to hoping to get another pair soon. *prays*
  • Pink N Proper - bringing you only the trendiest brands and items found in the UK. I can see myself trying their clothes then posing at the Fotobox like a diva *_*
  • TT Mask - I've heard so many good things about their mask and missed out the great deals attheir booth during IBE!
  • OnlyBeauty - Would they be giving samples during the party? hoho 8D
With that many collaborations.... WHO WOULD MISS THIS? ( ಠ.ಠ) There shouldn't even be a reason for me to miss this awesome possum event! I've seen how Tammy works so hard finding sponsors and I've enjoyed attending her events. If anything... there's 10 partners there, I'm expecting 10 TIMES the fun together with 50 of the lucky beauties - Reason 1 for anyone NOT to miss this event.

I look forward to the thought of being able to escape from work, from the house and being pampered on hand and feet (maybe body and face too? *grins*). The idea of relaxing and catching up with people while being taken care of instead of taking care of people for a just a moment sounds heavenly (´∀`)♡ which gives me another reason not to miss out on this Spa Party  ☆~(ゝ。∂)

Getting an invite to this Spa Party would be a good excuse for me to catch up with bloggers :) There's only 4 weekends a month and I have to split it between family, work (no shit), cosplay, CF, chores, friends, boyfie, blogging and the list just goes on. I don't go to blogger events that much and often when I meet the bloggers at another event, it feels like I'm meeting new people all over again since I hardly know much about them ><. So this here is my initiative to try and go meet more bloggers at the next upcoming event! >w<b

Pretty please?
Did I make any sense? I hope I made enough sense.... cuz I typed this at 4am in the morning and now my eyes are too heavy to try and comprehend this whole entry.... so sorry there's too much nonsense ;_;


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