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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spreading the Love of Comics

Firstly let me summarize my anger into one sentence.

When I say NO, I fucking mean it goddamit.

Damage is done and I'll just have to live with the humiliation hovering over me for the next few days =_=.

I was living off this since Tuesday due to my Flash instead of BOSS latte since I get some hard coffee residue at the bottom of the can whenever I drink BOSS >_o. The Dutch Lady one was good until I started wondering why isn't it effective compared to BOSS >_> then I noticed the small print at the bottom of the can 'coffee flavored milk' WTF kena cheated >o<

Then the other day Sylvene asked me to bring some comics for her in exchange for the books so I brought Junjou Romantica. The most awesome part is she didn't know it was a BL manga until one of our guy classmates pointed it out.

ChanWei: That's a gay book!
Sylvene: *looks at me* Har?! This is gay book ar?!
Me: I thought with the 2 guys on the cover and the parental advisory logo, it'd be obvious >3<
Sylvene: Can be girl ma! Looks like girl.
Me: The question is how did Chan Wei even know it's a gay comic >_>;;

The question still remains unanswered and it's just so funny how she flipped through the book and mentioned the absence of breasts on the character *facepalms*

This cat is fat and has very nice prints >o<;;

Goddamit when will this book be on discout T_T *begs and paws*

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