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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Bikini Photoshoot
Make Up: Jas and Aud
Photography: Aud and Teri
Editting: Audrey

These look like screencaps from drama scenes! XD;;; especially the 2 last ones. I'm happy at the result, minus the fats D: We're trying to make it a monthly ritual to do these photoshoots with a different theme each time X3 We can't be waiting to cosplay just for a photoshoot so yea we make do with what we have XD

Yesterday dragged Jared for some good beef ball noodles and settled a little shopping X3 then rot a little while while waiting for people to be done molesting him >o<\

Sungei Wang's stage turned into some Hello Kitty fantasy land *cries*

Mandatory cat pic *_* met the fella at the LRT station on my way home <3

Finally done with my freelance report writing. Now hopefully those asshats are done and pay me! *_*b. First thing to attack tonight.... FLASH DX. There was some progress this afternoon despite me sleeping from 1pm-9pm =_=;;; I've collected references for the E -card assignment and looked up on Kota Kemuning for some concept brainstorming =(

Now.... lemme watch a movie before I start T_T


  1. wow... the pictures u took looks amazing...
    Looks a bit like dramayish yet brings out another side of u.

  2. >.<got shooting also didn't call me..? look nice.